Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me

It is a lovely children’s rhyme but does it speak the truth? To explore the human ten­dency to cat­e­go­rize and label those around us, we designed t-shirts imprinted with the ques­tion: “What would oth­ers call me behind my back?” Stu­dents invited strangers on the streets of Berlin to express their feel­ings by ink­ing their opin­ions on the back of their shirts. This ini­tia­tive was meant to give phys­i­cal­ity to the way we label each other. The writ­ers of these opin­ions pressed their words onto the back of the t-shirt wearer, and in turn, those stu­dents felt these labels and assump­tions being forced upon their backs.

As many stu­dents real­ized, this was not an easy endeavor. Invit­ing oth­ers to openly judge and vis­i­bly label them, was an exer­cise in risk, poten­tial danger, and emo­tional tur­moil. Todd Nel­son, the first t-shirt wearer, was asked after­ward, “Would you do it again?”

His answer was an emphatic No.

This ini­tia­tive pro­vides insight into the true nature of words. They can push us into action. We hope these t-shirts pro­mote you to act: Care­fully con­sider the words you use as they hold great power to heal or to wound, an idea in con­trast to the nurs­ery rhyme. 

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    2010 sym­po­sium
    Uni­ver­sität der Kün­ste
    Berlin, Germany

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  • Bilkent University

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    Ann McDon­ald, fac­ulty

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    Todd Nel­son
    Joanna Shieh
    Anna Tulchin­skaya
    Jessy Weiss
    Lil­ian Yu
    Audra Buck-Coleman, fac­ulty

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