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Sticks+Stones Project Summary

More project results coming soon, please check back soon for recent project information.

You can still visit these project pages to learn more about Sticks+Stones:

Sticks+Stones 2010 video

Sticks+Stones 2010

Sticks+Stones 2006

We are pleased to announce that Sticks + Stones was awarded winner of the Design Education Initiatives in this year’s Core77 Design Awards.

Core77 is a prominent online magazine and design space that that publishes and promotes design information. “Core77 provides a gathering point for designers and enthusiasts alike by producing design competitions, lecture series, parties, and exhibits.”

Core77 Design Awards is a global competition of design professionals and students. This year marked the inaugural year of the competition. “Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards celebrates the richness of the design profession and its practitioners. … For this first program, dedicated jury teams based around the globe gathered in eight countries to judge 15 categories of design practice.”

This year’s Core77 Design Awards competition marks the first time that design education has been recognized as an important category in a professional design competition.

During the online award presentation, Design Education Initiatives Jury Captain Dr. Elizabeth (Dori) Tunstall, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Design Anthropology at Swinburne University (Australia), noted: “What pushed Sticks + Stones to the top of our list was how it promoted cultural awareness by working WITH cultural diversity as opposed to just working on or about cultural diversity. … Sticks + Stones hit a chord in the current global climate of racial and cultural tension, while helping graphic design avoid most of its really bad habits of stereotyping.

“Its philosophy of social democracy has the potential to foster transformation through the promotion of empathy, mutual understanding and social justice,” Dr. Tunstall continued. “This was the project that made us feel good, made us really feel good, and the idea of being able to promote the possibilities of this model and the expansion of this model for design engagement in an educational setting as well as educational content again is why it is at the top list in terms of this Core77 Design Award.”